Valitettavaa vainoa

On tunnettu tosiasia, että kehitysoppiin kriittisesti tai suunnitteluun myönteisesti suhtautuvia vainotaan usein ammatillisesti tiedeyhteisössä. Tämä on asiaintila valitettava tieteen objektiivisuuden kannalta. Alla evoluutioon uskovan tutkijan kommentti asiasta:

David Southwell, Secrets & Lies: Exposing the World of Cover-ups and Deception,

”The quickest way to commit professional suicide in today’s scientific world is to challenge any aspect of Darwinism. The theory is so entrenched as the bedrock of all biological and zoological science that anyone who examines it is attacked with a frightening degree of professional hostility” He adds that he believes evolution is true but that ”elements of Darwinian’s theory of mutation combining with natural selection appear to be flawed”

He then gives several examples of suppression. One is as follows:

An example of the suppression of any scientists who questions any aspect of Darwinian theory is that of British biologist Warwick Collins. In 1976 he wrote a paper on sexual selection as an anomaly in Darwinian theory. As he was about to speak at an international conference to explain his paper, renowned geneticist Professor Maynard Smith stood up and attacked Collins in front of the audience. He told him that he would use his influence to block publication of any further papers he wrote. Smith seems to have been true to his word as Collins continues to have his papers rejected for publication for no treason” (Page 89).